advice for online dating and first date

Our advice for your safety by online Dating and first date

Many dating site users report honest, straightforward information in their profiles. Because they are truly looking for great love. Our goal with this platform, “” is really to accompany them in this momentum so that they can safely find the soul mate of their life. Regarding the security of your data as a member, one of the crucial points which we hold dear and to which we bring greater importance, we have taken strong measures of it. Please note: All member data is received and stored in encrypted form and is not passed on to third parties or even made visible on our home page.

Our Easyfindlove quality team checks the veracity and seriousness of the profiles of the different members every time. Indeed, each profile that you find in the “members” area is previously examined and validated during registration by our system and our team. Profiles that don’t appear to be looking for a serious relationship or that look like “spam” are blocked or even deleted.

We thus prevent, in large part, questionable contacts among the members. However, there may still be a few intruders. To help us identify them, here are some indications so that you can recognize these questionable profiles through your conversations and report them to us. And thus help us better protect you and also protect you from their fraudulent and dishonest intentions.

5 advice for online dating and the first date 

1- Spot questionable information in your conversations

Spot the inconsistencies in the information given by some members with whom you write. For example, a 23-year-old who calls himself a surgeon in a large local hospital; a 22-year-old person who says he works for a bank and who loudly proclaims that money does not matter, that he has a lot of money and after he asks you for money, etc. This kind of information should arouse suspicion. If you have any doubts about the authenticity and veracity of the words of one of the members with whom you are in contact, you must report them to us using the option “Report User”. Besides, you have the possibility in your member area to block members with whom you no longer wish to communicate.

2-Preserve your sensitive data

When we meet someone online and start the written conversation with them, there is a great curiosity that takes hold of us. We would like to learn more about this person, to exchange with him to get to know him better. Very often we would also like to hear her voice and see several photos of her. Also on these points, has made arrangements to satisfy you. As a member, you have the option of uploading a few videos and/or audio to your Members Area and also creating a photo gallery. And you have the option to decide whether you want to make this information visible to your contacts or keep it private for yourself.

Communicating information that is very sensitive to you, such as your telephone number or your residential address, is an irreversible action. Therefore transmit your data with the greatest vigilance and only when you feel confident. Preferably during the personal meeting. However, do not hesitate to firmly refuse to transmit your sensitive information if you do not wish to.

3- Above all, do not give in to financial requirements

Be very careful and as soon as one of your contact profiles requests any financial assistance. To supposedly get out of a difficult situation or manage travel expenses to meet you. In these cases, it is most likely a fraudulent profile. Do not give in to these dubious malls, do not issue any money. Similarly, do not cash any checks, make any transfers and report this Profile to us immediately.

4- Take your time to know your potential partner

It is very important to take time to get to know the person with whom you are communicating before taking the next step. As already said above, do not transmit your sensitive data unless you feel that this action is justified and safe. Likewise, only accept a date if you are certain that you want it and that you are ready for it. Do not accept any situation in which you would feel like you are losing control and feeling very embarrassed. First, try to make your fears known to the person with whom you are interacting, and above all be very attentive to their reaction to it. If you notice that she/he is not considering your remarks, do not hesitate to make the necessary arrangements.

Above all, don’t be afraid to get started, to make the decisions you need to know and meet the person with whom you are in contact. Don’t take years just to have a written relationship with someone. Because you pretend that you don’t have time for the date. Find a way to get things done, to overcome your fears and to flourish in knowing the reality of the person you meet online. Do this with care and we are also ready to help you with more advice.

5- Stay yourself and very confident to have a successful first date

The first date with a person that you meet online is very exciting. But at the same time the most frustrating step. It can also make you feel tingling all over your body, especially by women. The frustrations are mainly due to the complex link to questions like: How should I behave during the date? What is if he/she doesn’t find me pretty/handsome? What should I do so that during the date everything is perfect as he/she wants?

These questions are animated by the feeling of inner fear. It is the fear of doing things wrong during the date. The fear of disappointing the other through his behavior or words.

You should know that no one is perfect, we are Men endowed with good and bad qualities. To be as exemplary as possible during your first date, you must first of all be yourself and feel very good. Stay yourself, your partner must accept you as you are. This is a proof of love and concerning your qualities and faults, you should talk about it in advance to avoid any surprise effects during the date.

Despite the intimacy that may have developed and settled in you through your exchanges in writing. You must not forget that you are about to meet someone you do not fully know. We, therefore, give you some additional advice to make this first date a success:

– Fix the date in a neutral place, such as a nice cafe or bar
– Inform at least one of your loved ones of this appointment
– If you want to consume alcohol, do it in moderation
– Don’t leave your stuff unattended

I hope you find this article advice for online dating and the first date very good. Share your experience with us to encourage others

We are counting on you to help us improve our actions. To support and help our members who are looking for their soul mate. Also to improve our proposals.

About the author ,,JAF"

About the author ,,JAF"

,,Jaf" is a physicist passionate about romantic relationships. And has many years of experience by the consulting of couple. By dint of finding that there are a good number of people who are looking for their soul-mate online. ,,Jaf" decided to help them with this website ,," and the articles found there. In addition, ,,Jaf" also chatted and flirted online to find his soul-mate for more than 3 years. Well, he has very good pragmatically experience of online dating. And Also thanks to his ability as a physicist to analyse and find solutions to complex situations, he is the right person to listen to and follow. Me, ,,jaf ", I thank you for your readings and I would be very happy to have a comment or Feedback from you.

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